Top Decorating Games For Girls

April 29th, 2011

Do you like decorating? How about redesigning? Believe it or not, there’s a game for that. Home décor is a booming business in the gaming world. What better way to visualize your own personal style with unlimited selection and options? The top 10 Home Décor games will appeal to girls of all ages. These 10 are in no particular order because they are designed for different age groups, skill levels and options. Checking out a variety of home décor games is the best way to find your favorite.

The Best Interior Design: Decorating at its best with a time limit provides a challenging game. In Best Interior Design Cherry has moved in with her parents, and she has to get her room organized and decorated in one evening. If it’s not finished by the time her boyfriend shows up tomorrow to pick her up her parents won’t let her go out. Indulge your design whims and help Cherry get her room ready on time.

Home Sweet Home 2 Kitchens and Baths lets you really go wild with your designs as you choose furniture, patterns and colors to create a wonderful home that will please your client. This game makes the cut because of the simple controls, and easy to use interface which makes it easy for you to be at your most creative. Find out if you have what it takes to be an interior designer with Home Sweet Home 2.

Witch House Decorating Game is made for kids, and provides easy drag and drop furniture and décor to enable your little one to design and decorate a creepy witch house. With lots of witchy accessories and ghoulish additions your little girl will get in touch with her spooky side when she plays this fun decorating game.

Mary Dream House Game lets you get in on all the action of renovating and decorating. It seems that Ms. Mary is renovating her house, her boyfriend Mr. Meow has arranged a dinner party to be held there and the renovations have to be finished in time. This fun game provides instructions for each task that Ms. Mary wants done, if you can finish the renovation in time Ms. Mary and Mr. Meow will have a wonderful dinner party date. Creating a dream house against a ticking clock is a challenge that any decorating game fan will enjoy.

Beach House lets you take over all the furnishing and décor options for your very own new beach house. Choose from beachy themed items and create an elegant and richly decorated beach house with this fun and engrossing game that will keep you occupied for hours arranging, rearranging and changing the style to suit your mood.

Office Décor is a fun game that will get you in touch with your inner decorator. You’ve just moved into a new office and you get to renovate and decorate your space however you want. Choose the lighting, choose the furniture, and choose the flowers and even the magazines to supply your office with just the right amount of funky and fun business décor. Create a stylish workplace that will be the envy of your co-workers. For girls of all ages whether you have an office of your own or just dream of having one when you grow up!

Family Feud: Dream Home combines the classic fun of Family Feud with a twist. For endless decorating possibilities let’s play the Feud. You can play against the average score or challenge a friend in 2-player mode. The point you earn can be used to customize and decorate your dream home. When you’re looking for a decorating game that is just a bit more than your usual point and click, survey says the Family Feud: Dream Home game is the answer!

Coffee House Décor places you in the middle of a hip and happening coffee shop. Your job is to decorate it. Choose the furniture, arrange the coffee shop to your liking and add some funky and fun décor to make sure that your coffee shop is all the rage. When it comes to decorating games there’s a lot more to decorate than just a house, explore your creative side with the Coffee House Décor game.

Best Interior Design Emo Edition is a variation on the popular Best Interior Design game. Choose a boy or girl player and help them redecorate their room using your best Emo Design skills. It seems that the character isn’t really Emo at all, but is trying to impress a member of the opposite sex. Your challenge is to transform a plain room into an angst ridden Emo room suitable for black eyeliner, piercings and brooding looks. A twisted sort of game for anyone who wants to explore things which fall outside of the typical decorating ideas.

Mythical Wonderworld shows you that decorating can be much more than a house design. How about creating your own mythical wonderworld? Decorate your world with artifacts, fairies and other creatures. Take the fun of using your imagination to decorate out of the house and get busy decorating a whole world.

These 10 decorating games are all fun; they are all different and have varying levels of entertainment, decorating and design. Many of them are great for girls of all ages, while some while appeal to younger girls and some will appeal to even adult girls. Number 9 is quite fun and offers some really interesting choices. Number 7 is probably the most adult suitable of these décor games, with the combination of a classic television game show and a decorating game.

No matter what your preference, you can find a home décor game to suit your interests, your decorating ideas and your need to express yourself creatively. You may be surprised when what seem to be really simple games end up being the ones that offer you the most creative freedom. So decorate your room, decorate your office, your nightclub, your whole house or a whole world. The possibilities are endless as are the decorating options, color schemes and themes.

The Hottest Bratz Games

February 2nd, 2011

The world of Bratz has taken over the online gaming world. You can find tons of games that are built around Bratz. Selecting just 10 online Bratz games as the top ones available is difficult, because there are so many and each of them is great in their own way. But, in no particular order these are the standout top 10 online Bratz games:

1. Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl – The Bratz Babyz are dealing with their Bratz Babyz The Movie nemesis again in this fun game. The big bully Duane is up to no good and the Bratz Babyz have to stop him. There are lots of fun things to check out as you crawl through the mall. If you run into the bully or a broken toy you lose a bottle or a friend. The more bottles you have the longer you can play; good toys give you more points and offer protection from Duane. To win you have to find all of your friends and the puppy then get to the exit. I bet you’ve never thought about crawling through a mall!

2. Bratz Fashion Designer – The Bratz are looking for some cool new fashions to keep up with their fast paced stylish lives. You can design outfits for your favorite Bratz. Choose a Bratz and find a huge selection of colors patterns, styles and accessories to mix, match, and create with. You can really get involved in the actual design of the outfits and looks that your Bratz will wear. Spend hours designing and dressing all 4 of the Bratz characters in this fun game.

3. Bratz Racing Starz – The race is on! Help your Bratz Kid win the racing championship by finding 3 hidden items before your opponent. This is a fun multi player game that even lets you practice before you tackle the challenging hidden item race. Whoever gets the items that are marked by yellow stars first wins. Have fun playing this amazing Bratz racing game by clicking the left icon now. Guide your favorite Bratz Babyz Kids to victory!

4. Bratz Love Meter – Do you look good together? Let the Bratz love meter tell you just how compatible you and your sweetie are. A fun little quiz game that you can try using the name of anyone you think may be a good boyfriend to see whether it would work or not. Of course the Bratz Love Meter is not a scientific result, but it sure is fun to see some of the responses. “Love is definitely in the air” or “Don’t bet on it!”

5. Bratz The Perfect Match – Show off your matching skills with the Bratz Perfect Match. Click on the tiles to see what’s underneath them, when you find a match claim it. Wild cards let you claim cards you can’t find a match for and you can even find extra time tiles to earn more time for matching. With Easy, Medium and Hard levels you can challenge yourself to do better and faster at the Bratz matching game.

6. Bratz Model Makeover – We all know that the Bratz are all about beauty and fashion now you can dress and makeover the Bratz and create your very own Bratz magazine cover featuring your Bratz model. Choose from the hottest styles, coolest fashions and outrageous jewelry to make your model a real cover girl. You can even print or email your magazine cover when you’ve finished. Girls of all ages will love being the stylist for a top Bratz model.

7. Bratz Home Decoration – What better way to spend a few hours than decorating the Bratz babyz house? Choose furniture, posters for the walls, pets and more to create a fun and cool house for the Bratz. The ideal game for a girl with a lot of style. You can make the Bratz house as fashionable as the Bratz themselves.

8. Bratz Makeover Game – This fun game lets you choose a Bratz character and give her a complete makeover. Pick from Cloe, Sasha, Jade or Yasmin and proceed to style her hair, makeup, nails and even add body glitter. You can not only choose a hair style you can pick a color, add streaks and even cut the hair. Apply nails, paint them and even add decals and jewels to make your Bratz character look her best. You can spend hours making over the 4 characters in different styles.

9. Bratz Ice Champions – Boy, those Bratz sure are busy girls. In this fun game you get to pick skating routines to help the Bratz win the ice skating championship. This game puts you in charge, as you help your Bratz skate like a star. You pick the music, create the routine and perform to win the championship. With all kinds of styling tricks to choose from and endless combinations to create you can surely come up with a winning routine. You could be the next Bratz Ice Princess!

10. Christmas Bratz – you know that the Bratz have a wonderfully full wardrobe of all the hottest fashions, but this game lets you dress your Bratz in the finest of Christmas cheer. Add sparkly jewelry, holiday makeup, gorgeous Christmassy tops and skirts or pants, or you can dress her in an elegant evening gown. Add in a great selection of holiday shoes and you’ve got a lot of options to make your Bratz into holly jolly girls! The fun of the holiday season can last all year when you play this fun game.

By exploring all the fun Bratz and Bratz Babyz games you can step into the stylish and fun world of Bratz for a while. Indulge your creative side with makeovers, fashion design, and home décor. Let your style shine through when you choose unique looks for the Bratz, and challenge yourself with the skills involved in these cool games. These girls are more than just a group of sassy cuties, they are also smart, stylish and lots of fun. There’s no wonder that there are many more Bratz games than these 10, but these are a great start if you’re looking for fun games for your little girl, or even your bigger girl. Heck, you may want to play them yourself.

Top Ten Online Makeover Games for Girls

October 17th, 2010

Girls have been getting together since nearly the dawn of time to make themselves and each other over so they look prettier. In today’s society, girls do not have to sit in front of the mirror for hours putting on makeup and then washing it off to put on different makeup to see what looks good. They also do not have to risk ruining their mother’s wigs by trying them on to see how they would look with a different hairstyle.

Instead, they can upload their pictures and see how they would look with these different styles in just an instant. They can also practice their makeover skills on models to try and change the models appearances. This is a fun way to do makeovers and it does not take hours or make a mess. The following are ten online makeover games for girls:

Taylor Swift Make Up – For a free online game, this one is a great way to try out make up on a Taylor Swift, a popular country song singer before the girls try it on themselves. They can give Taylor a great new look and put makeup on her as well as changing her hairstyle and color. After making all the changes, the girls can look at a before and after picture to show her how dramatic the changes that were made are.

Innocently Cute Girl Makeover – This game allows the girls to create dramatic looks for the model that is a very innocently looking cute girl. There are palettes for every type of makeup including foundation, blush and eye shadow. There are also more dramatic looks for the eyes and lips to create the glamorous looks that pop stars are known for. This game is great for girls of any age and particularly those who like cute girls and who want to be more creative with their makeovers.

Lady Gaga Makeup Game – Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous style and costumes. Girls can take Lady Gaga and create new ways to make her look. They can change her hairstyle and color and put on all of her makeup. There are facial piercing that can be added as well as her
dress and accessories which include funky hats and sunglasses. Expect all these items to have a groovy flair to them that Lady Gaga is most known for. When the makeover is complete, there is a before and after function that can be used to see the changes and they can be saved to look at later too.

Japanese Anime Girl Makeover – This game is more of a cartoon based game and features a model that looks like a Japanese anime character. It is the girl’s job to makeover and dress up this character and get her ready for a party. There are fun and beautiful accessories for the model that are in designs like flowers, hearts and butterflies. Make up the model to look as cute or as fun as the girl wants and then clear the face and start over on a new look.

Teenager Makeover – Teenager Makeover is another cartoon/anime based game that offers the girls choices on which makeup and accessories to dress the anime model in. There are necklaces, skin and eye colors as well as blush and eye shadow to choose from. This is a great game for younger girls but may be a bit tame for the older ones. Simply click and drag the choices onto the model and then click and drag them off to make changes.

Taaz Virtual Makeover – In this virtual makeover game, girls can upload a photo of them and see what they look with certain makeup and hair styles. The hair color can be changed easily too. This allows them to see what makeup products and colors match their skin tone before they decide what to purchase. This game may be more suitable for older girls who are ready to wear makeup. Younger girls may like this game just to see what they look like all made up because they are too young to wear the real products.

GirlSense Makeover – This is another great game for girls where they can upload their own picture and change their hair and their makeup. The game has easy to use icons for each style and it is easy to size the picture to fit the screen. The hair can be changed in style and color and there are palettes for each type of makeup. Once the makeover is completed, the girls can view before and after pictures to how much of a difference the changes made. – This is not just a makeover for the face, it is also a full beauty shop and room makeover game. The girls can makeover nails, be a fashion designer and go on a shopping spree. In the room makeover mode, the girls can pick the room they want to redecorate and choose their favorite types of furniture. In the shopping spree mode, the girls pick two friends that they want to makeover. The beauty shop allows them to redo makeup and hair. In the nails mode, it is all about changing the design of the nails for the model.

InStyle Hollywood Makeover – This is one of the best of all the makeover games for girls who want to have a glamorous Hollywood look without spending a lot of money trying to style their hair different ways. This allows them to try out the hairstyles of the stars before heading to the beauty salon. There are over two hundred and fifty styles to choose from. The changes can be printed out and taken to the salon to see if the hairdresser can give the girls the same look.

Japanese Nail Salon – In this game, it is all about the fingernails. There are a wide variety of nail polishes to choose from. Once the color has been selected, each nail is polished separately so they can all have different colors if the girl chooses. There are different lengths and shapes of nails too. There are custom nail polishes that can be chosen from and decals that can be added after the nail polish dries. This is a fun game for girls of all ages.

Virtual makeovers are a great way for girls to try out new styles without wasting mom’s makeup or spending a great deal of money at the drug store. Some games offer a model and some allow the girls to upload their own pictures so they can see exactly how they would look in all the funky make up and hairstyles.

Top 10 Dress Up Games for Girls

October 8th, 2010

There is nothing a little girl loves more than dressing up and playing make-believe. When most mothers were young, this consisted of raiding their mother’s closets and jewelry boxes for clothes, shoes and accessories to dress up in. In today’s electronic based society, dress up has moved from mom’s closet to the computer where dress up games can go much further. No longer are little girls limited to the tastes of their family members, but they can now play dress up using any of the many styles that suit them.

The following are the top ten dress-up games for girls:

1. Fashion Stars – What little girl would not love to dress up a star? In this easy to use game, girls can choose from many different tops, bottoms and accessories to dress up the model. There is a color palette that can be used to choose the colors of the outfit as well as the accessories which include necklaces, earrings, clutch and shoes. Even little girls can quickly create cute outfits because of the ease of use of the free online game. It is a free streaming game that is played on the computer.

2. Cover Girl Game – This is another easy to play game but does not offer as many features as the Hollywood designer game does. There are wigs and different dresses as well as panty hose and shoes to choose from. Click on the item and drag it to the model to see how she looks in it. If you do not like on item, remove it by clicking on it and putting it back in the closet. While younger girls may love this one, older girls may get bored with it very quickly.

3. Yukata Kimono – Yukata Kimono is similar to the Cover Girl game but there are more outfits to choose from as well as more accessories. The model is friendly looking and the clothes are a
mix of Japanese traditional outfits (Kimono), casual and glamour. Just click and drag the clothing to put it on the model. You can even change pattern of the outfit she is wearing. This game gives girl the feeling that they are dressing up a real model for a photo shoot for the Japanese fashion magazine. When they are done dressing her, they can change all of her clothes to prepare her for the next aspect of the shoot.

4. Fashion Show – This dress up game allows you to dress the model in a wide variety of outfits and accessories. You can even change the color of her eyes and change her hair color and style to create a different model every time you play. When the model is completely dressed the way you want her, a runway can be chosen for her to walk down. The runway scene with the model can be printed out and saved. Girls who are into fashion will love dressing up the model and choosing the perfect runway for their creation.

5. Alice Fashion – This is a more mature dress up game but it still appropriate for the younger girls. For those who love anime, this is the game to choose. You can dress up an anime girl in many different styles. Not only are there many choices in clothing pieces, you can also change her expression and hair style. The eye color and brows can be switched around to match the facial expression. Finally, her nails and even the room can be customized with different color palettes. When done, just click on the garbage can and start over.

6. Design Diva – What can make a dress up offer more to the players? Allowing for the customization of the clothing and accessories would be one way. Design Diva allows you to create your own clothing. This is done by taking clothing off the rack and changing the color and patterns of the items. When all of the clothing and shoes have been designed, the model can try on the outfits for you. There is no limit to the amount of clothing that can be designed and tried on. These can be mixed and matched with the standard outfits that come with the game.

7. NYC Fashion Designer – One of the more complicated of all the dress up games to play, this one actually goes through stages and has missions to complete in order to move on to the next level rather than simply dressing up a model. You choose to be a designer that is preprogrammed with a certain style. Casual, party and elegant are just some of the styles, then you choose three models that fit into that style. Hair, makeup clothing, shoes and
accessories are all chosen to match the theme of the style that you are trying to convey. You are tested and if you pass, then you are accepted into a fashion design school where you compete again.

8. Jessica Fashion – Jessica needs to be ready for any occasion and it is your job to dress her for those occasions. There is a casual mode, party mode and office mode that all require eyes, accessories and clothing for her to wear in order to be on track. Some outfits can go from office to out, but make sure that you are dressing her appropriately for all modes.

9. Fashion Models Shop Window – There are times when window shopping with a little girl and she becomes mesmerized by the mannequins and the displays in the window. Now she can create and design her own window and dress her own mannequins by playing Fashion Models Shop Window. There are two mannequins to dress, a male and a female and they each have their own clothes to dress them up in. Create a style for them both that is complimentary and then dress the window to match their style. There are so many different ways to design the mannequins as well as the models that it keeps girls enthralled for hours.

10. MixMatchMe – This game not only allows for girls to dress a model that is not a cartoon creation but an actual model, it shows how much these items would cost to purchase the outfit. The only downside is that the prices are in English Pounds so it is not really for those who are in the United States or any other country. The good news is that there are pages and pages of outfits and accessories to choose from and this can offer girls a realistic look at how much it can cost to be fashionable.

Dress up game is fun to play and with all the new technologies, it has become even more interesting. Girls of all ages can enjoy any of the above games and can appreciate the new type of dress up.

The 10 Free Bratz Games for Girls

October 3rd, 2010

Bratz are a popular girl’s toy and they also have a popular Saturday morning cartoon in some areas. They are dolls with huge eyes and faces and they wear cute clothes and accessories. Little girls just love Bratz and they have moved into the virtual world. There are many Bratz doll games online that girls can play when they are bored and looking for something to do.

The following are the 10 best online Bratz games for girls:

    1. Bratz Baby Fish Tank – This is a virtual fish tank where the girls choose their own fish and take care of them. In the beginning, they can choose four fish. When the fish hit one day old, they can breed them to come up with funny combinations. The baby fish can be sold to buy more fish food or decorations for the fish tank. It is very important that the fish tank is well taken care of or the fish die and the tank becomes dirty and unviable. For those who do not have the chance to take care of real fish, the Bratz Baby Fish Tank is a great option.

    2. Bratz Makeover Game – There are four Bratz to choose from that can be made over. The girls start by washing, rinsing and blow drying the Bratz hair. Then they style it and put on the makeup. Next, the do the Bratz nails and decorate their shirt. When finished, the girls can print out their newly designed Bratz doll. No matter a girl’s age, she can spend hours choosing the perfect makeup and makeover items for her favorite Bratz character.

    3. Bratz Room Decor – Not only can girls dress up Bratz characters, but they can also create a groovy virtual room for them too. The game is very easy to play and it does not take any instructions to get started. It opens to a room full of additions for the living room. It is up to the girl to decide what piece of furniture, decoration or electronic where they think it looks good. There are a multitude of combinations that can be created to make the room perfect.

    4. Bratz Fashion Designer – Take the girl’s favorite Bratz character and give her outfit and entire new look. The girl is the designer in this Bratz game. They can choose all the aspects of the Bratz outfit starting with their tops and bottoms and moving to the dresses, shoes and bags. Each item can be custom colored or patterned in any way the girl chooses. There is a full palette of colors and a multitude of patterns to choose from. Create a classy look for the Bratz girl or go fun and funky. There are four Bratz girls to choose from to make this game have endless fashion fun.

    5. Bratz Baby Ponyz Styling – What could be better than styling a Bratz character? Why, styling her Ponyz that is what! With Bratz Baby Ponyz Styling, girls can choose their favorite from four Bratz Ponyz and can give them a complete makeover. They can change their hoof color and hair and add in flowers and ribbons to their new mane. After all the styling is completed, the Ponyz have a horse show and the girls can choose from a wide variety of stages and music that plays while the Ponyz are having their picture taken. These scenes can be printed out to look at later.

    6. Bratz Love Meter – Girls who have a crush on a boy can now test their love connection by using the Bratz Love Meter. Just type in the girl’s name and the boy’s name and click on start. The love meter starts climbing and there are five different stages of the meter that can be attained. Those who are not compatible come up with “not if you were the last two on earth”, all the way up to “real life Romeo and Juliet”. There are three stages in between. While this is no guarantee that a certain boy likes a certain girl, it is a cute game that can get the girls giggling as the see if the cutest boy in school would like them.

    7. Bratz Model Makeover – This game allows the girls to create their own Bratz magazine cover. They first choose their Bratz that they want to grace the cover of the magazine. Then, they dress her and add shoes and accessories by simply clicking and dragging the items on to the model. Once they are finished, they can choose the background for the magazine cover to match their Bratz model. After they add in the captions, the can print out the cover to hang on their wall or to share with their friends.

    8. Bratz Kids Racing Starz – Bratz Kids Racing Starz is a fun game that takes more than one player and pits them against each other to find all of the items in the game. Whoever gets the most items first wins. There are three stars and gas cans to collect to help the Bratz finish the game. When a star is unlocked, it offers a prize of a purse, pair of shoes or other item. There is a practice round where a single player can get used to the controls and navigating either the scooter or the car around the track. Only the up, down, left and right arrows are needed to do this.

    9. Bratz Champions – This is a fun game for any girl who loves Bratz and ice skating. They can choose their favorite Bratz character and then the music she skates to. There are slots for skating tricks that can be used to create an entire routine. Once the routine is chosen, the girl clicks on skate to see her Bratz do the routine she chose with the music that was selected.

    10. Bratz the Perfect Match – This is a matching game that is perfect for girls of all ages. The game starts of easy and as each level is completed, it gets more complicated. Turn over the tiles to match the items on them. When there is a match, click on the match button to go to the next pair. There is a wild card in each group for the one item that does not have a match. Make sure that the wild card is used at the end or else the level cannot be completed.

Bratz are a popular girl’s doll that is found all over the world. Girls can now play their favorite Bratz games online and in most cases for free. Some are more complicated than others but all brings hours of fun to any Bratz fan.

Top 10 Cooking Games for Girls

October 1st, 2010

Before there were video games and the Internet was a popular place to play games, there were only a few ways that girls could learn cooking or to play at cooking. There were the ovens that came with sample size treats that girls could bake or play kitchens with play food. Today, there are many more ways that girls can learn the cooking skills that they may want by playing video games. These games are played online and offer hours of fun for the girl who loves to cook. They can try out new recipes and learn new techniques all from the comfort of the computer chair.

The following are the top 10 cooking games for girls:

1. 2 Tasty – This is not only a cooking game, but it also has a story line that offers a bit of romance as well as food. Not only does it have a great story line, but it also offers the cook playing the game some recipes that can be tried in their own kitchen. Memory is also a part of the game as the player is the main character and has to remember the ingredients that go into each dish that is being prepared while sustaining a romance with the other character in the story line.

2. Cake Shop 2 – Cake Shop 2 teaches everything a girl needs to about the fine art of cake making and baking. The players open their own shop to bake fruit cakes. Each fruit cake has a different filling and the girls make money selling their confections. This money can be used to buy more equipment and to expand the cake shop. The game requires the player to stay within a set time frame to complete tasks so speed is necessary in order to progress and have the opportunity to make the cake shop profitable and to help it to grow. There are customers that have to be served and doing so quickly means that more money can be made and better cakes can be created.

3. Kitchen Brigade – Most people have dreamed of having their fifteen minutes of fame on television and Kitchen Brigade offers that as well as the opportunity to pit cooking skills against other competitors in a live TV show cook off. The game also teaches the player new recipes that they can cook at home as well as practicing cooking these in an online setting to get them perfected before trying them out on the family in real life. Customers and food critics comment on the taste of the dishes and there are dishes to prepare from around the world.

4. Cake Mania 4: Main Street – This is not just a cooking game, but also a game that teaches the art of money management. It is the task of the player to help Main Street become more profitable by opening up four different shops that sell cakes, burgers, flowers and sushi. The gamer can also help by saving the money that they earn to build other attractions to bring people to the area. There are over a hundred levels and over forty recipes that can be used to attract tourism.

5. Cooking Dash – This game offers cooking with the added bonus of working for television shows. There are stars and harassed directors who need to be fed quickly. It is the job of the player to make sure everything is cooked and served in time for the cast and crew to be back on set before the director gets angry. This is a high paced fast action game that offers many challenges.

6. Burger Shop 2 – Burger Shop 2 picks up where the original Burger Shop left off with the exception that the original shop was not a success. It is the goal of the player of Burger Shop 2 to figure out what went wrong in the original shop and to make the new shop flourish. There are more dishes to be served and with the addition of a breakfast menu, the game can get quite exciting. It also offers different modes for the game player including a relaxing mode to wind down after a hard day of work.

7. Cooking Academy – This is one of the original online cooking games and can be played for free. The player starts off learning how to use keystrokes and mouse clicks to chop, slice and dice. As the game progresses, the player becomes more and more skilled and the degree of difficulty of the recipes increases. There are over fifty recipes to learn before the player is ready to move on to Cooking Academy 2.

8. Cooking Academy 2 – This game picks up where the original leaves off. More techniques are learned that can be taken from the computer and put into real life cooking. The cuisine moves around the world and there are top chefs that offer tips and tricks to the gamers. There are sixty new recipes as well as eight different cuisines and fifty different cooking games to master. This latest release also offers some games within the game to keep it more interesting.

9. Hell’s Kitchen the Game – Hell’s Kitchen is a popular television show that stars Gordon Ramsey as the head chef in a restaurant that bears the same name. Competitors are eliminated each week until the final two compete for the head chef position at one of Chef Ramsey’s restaurants. In the game version, players compete in the kitchen and must complete challenges in order to progress to the next level. Chef Ramsey is also there offering his own brand of inspiration.

10. Top Chef the Game – Another popular cooking show pits chefs from around the country in a competition that offers cash and prizes to the winners each week. As in Hell’s Kitchen, a chef is eliminated each week until the finalists are decided. The gamer plays as a top chef and competes each week in challenges that test their culinary skills. Video games are not just for boys anymore and there are many games that are geared toward the girls who love them.

These are the top 10 cooking games for girls that are guaranteed to offer hours of entertainment as well as helping to teach new recipes that they can try out in real life.