Top Decorating Games For Girls

April 29th, 2011

Do you like decorating? How about redesigning? Believe it or not, there’s a game for that. Home décor is a booming business in the gaming world. What better way to visualize your own personal style with unlimited selection and options? The top 10 Home Décor games will appeal to girls of all ages. These 10 are in no particular order because they are designed for different age groups, skill levels and options. Checking out a variety of home décor games is the best way to find your favorite.

The Best Interior Design: Decorating at its best with a time limit provides a challenging game. In Best Interior Design Cherry has moved in with her parents, and she has to get her room organized and decorated in one evening. If it’s not finished by the time her boyfriend shows up tomorrow to pick her up her parents won’t let her go out. Indulge your design whims and help Cherry get her room ready on time.

Home Sweet Home 2 Kitchens and Baths lets you really go wild with your designs as you choose furniture, patterns and colors to create a wonderful home that will please your client. This game makes the cut because of the simple controls, and easy to use interface which makes it easy for you to be at your most creative. Find out if you have what it takes to be an interior designer with Home Sweet Home 2.

Witch House Decorating Game is made for kids, and provides easy drag and drop furniture and décor to enable your little one to design and decorate a creepy witch house. With lots of witchy accessories and ghoulish additions your little girl will get in touch with her spooky side when she plays this fun decorating game.

Mary Dream House Game lets you get in on all the action of renovating and decorating. It seems that Ms. Mary is renovating her house, her boyfriend Mr. Meow has arranged a dinner party to be held there and the renovations have to be finished in time. This fun game provides instructions for each task that Ms. Mary wants done, if you can finish the renovation in time Ms. Mary and Mr. Meow will have a wonderful dinner party date. Creating a dream house against a ticking clock is a challenge that any decorating game fan will enjoy.

Beach House lets you take over all the furnishing and décor options for your very own new beach house. Choose from beachy themed items and create an elegant and richly decorated beach house with this fun and engrossing game that will keep you occupied for hours arranging, rearranging and changing the style to suit your mood.

Office Décor is a fun game that will get you in touch with your inner decorator. You’ve just moved into a new office and you get to renovate and decorate your space however you want. Choose the lighting, choose the furniture, and choose the flowers and even the magazines to supply your office with just the right amount of funky and fun business décor. Create a stylish workplace that will be the envy of your co-workers. For girls of all ages whether you have an office of your own or just dream of having one when you grow up!

Family Feud: Dream Home combines the classic fun of Family Feud with a twist. For endless decorating possibilities let’s play the Feud. You can play against the average score or challenge a friend in 2-player mode. The point you earn can be used to customize and decorate your dream home. When you’re looking for a decorating game that is just a bit more than your usual point and click, survey says the Family Feud: Dream Home game is the answer!

Coffee House Décor places you in the middle of a hip and happening coffee shop. Your job is to decorate it. Choose the furniture, arrange the coffee shop to your liking and add some funky and fun décor to make sure that your coffee shop is all the rage. When it comes to decorating games there’s a lot more to decorate than just a house, explore your creative side with the Coffee House Décor game.

Best Interior Design Emo Edition is a variation on the popular Best Interior Design game. Choose a boy or girl player and help them redecorate their room using your best Emo Design skills. It seems that the character isn’t really Emo at all, but is trying to impress a member of the opposite sex. Your challenge is to transform a plain room into an angst ridden Emo room suitable for black eyeliner, piercings and brooding looks. A twisted sort of game for anyone who wants to explore things which fall outside of the typical decorating ideas.

Mythical Wonderworld shows you that decorating can be much more than a house design. How about creating your own mythical wonderworld? Decorate your world with artifacts, fairies and other creatures. Take the fun of using your imagination to decorate out of the house and get busy decorating a whole world.

These 10 decorating games are all fun; they are all different and have varying levels of entertainment, decorating and design. Many of them are great for girls of all ages, while some while appeal to younger girls and some will appeal to even adult girls. Number 9 is quite fun and offers some really interesting choices. Number 7 is probably the most adult suitable of these décor games, with the combination of a classic television game show and a decorating game.

No matter what your preference, you can find a home décor game to suit your interests, your decorating ideas and your need to express yourself creatively. You may be surprised when what seem to be really simple games end up being the ones that offer you the most creative freedom. So decorate your room, decorate your office, your nightclub, your whole house or a whole world. The possibilities are endless as are the decorating options, color schemes and themes.

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